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"Just Press The Right Button"-13KB
"Red Alert"-6KB
"Scotty, Get us Out Of Here"-12KB
"Ahead Warp Factor 2"-12KB
"Engage This Computer Now"-17KB
"Captain To Crew, Repairs Are Now Being Effected..."-41KB
"I Command The Computer."-24KB
"Mr. Scott, Ready To Beam Up."-31KB
"I Don't Think You Can Handle Anymore."-16KB
"Leave My Crew Alone."-16KB
"Spock Was Wrong"-10KB
"...If The Crew Has To Eat Synthetic Meatloaf, I Want It To Look Like Turkey" -53KB
"Engineering, Stand By For Warp Drive"-79KB
"Lieutenant, Shipwide Order. Use Communicators Instead Of Intercom. Issue Phasers..." -65KB
"Get Out Of My Chair And Get Out Of It Now"-19KB
"Mr. Spock, We Humans Have A Streak Of Barbarism In Us. Appalling, But There, Nevertheless."-56KB
"Botany Bay. That Was The Name Of A Penal Colony On The Shores Of Australia, Wasn't It?" -57KB
"Stardate 3142.8, They Have My Ship."-89KB
"If I Can Have Honesty, It's Easier To Overlook Mistakes"-35KB
"James Kirk, Commanding The Starship Enterprise"-33KB
"So Much For My Theory, I'm Still Waiting To Hear Yours"-35KB
"What's That?"-8KB
"It's Time For Action, Gentlemen"-14KB
"The Mission Of The Enterprise Is To Seek Out And Contact Alien Life"-43KB
"Man Is Ultimately Superior To Any Mechanical Device"-41KB
"Will You Stop Hovering Over Me Yeoman!"-30KB
"I've Already Got A Female To Worry About. Her Name Is The Enterprise"-31KB
"This Is The United Earthship Enterprise. We Convey Greetings And Await Your Reply"-60KB
"Is That Your Best Recommendation?"-16KB
"Since The Early Years Of Space Exploration Earth Vessels Have Had Incoporated Into Them A Substance Known As Corbomite"-93KB
"Death Has Little Meaning To us. If it Has None To You, Then Attack Us Now"-83KB
"Not Chess, Mr. Spock - Poker"-46KB
"Request Denied"-10KB
"Captain's Log Stardate 1514.1; The Enterprise Is In Tow"-55KB

"Stand By To Beam Up"-10KB
"Live Long And Prosper"-13KB
"Vulcans Never Bluff"-17KB
"Mr. Scott, Restrain Your Leaps Of Illogic."-30KB
"Out Of The Question"-8KB
"I Have Said Nothing, I Was Merely Speculating"-33KB
"I Am Not Capable Of That Emotion"-20KB
"Superior Ability Breeds Superior Ambition"-43KB
"Evasive Maneuvers, Mr. Sulu"-20KB
"All Engines Stop. Sound The Alert."-33KB
"A Very Interesting Game, This Poker"-46KB

"He's Dead Jim"-11KB
I'm A Doctor, Not A Bricklayer"-20KB
I'm A Doctor, Not A Mechanic"-15KB
"His Brain Is Gone"-16KB
"You Don't Have Any Special Immunity"-20KB
"Well Either Choke Me Or Cut My Throat. Make Up Your Mind"-41KB
It Would Be Most Effective If You Cut The Carotid Artery, Just Under The Left Ear" -70KB
They're Aren't Any Regulations Against Romance"-22KB
"Signed Aboard This Ship To Practice Medicine, Not To Have My Atoms Scattered Back And Forth Across..."-62KB
"Very Impressive"-18KB
"What Am I, A Doctor Or A Moon Shuttle Conductor?"-37KB
If I Jumped Everytime A Light Came On Around Here, I'd End Up Talking To Myself"-44KB

"All Decks Cancel Red Alert. Maintain Increased Security"-37KB
"Communication Channels Are Jammed, Captain!"-22KB

"Coming Into Range Now, Sir"-19KB
"All Phaser Banks-Fire!"-42KB
"I'd Rather Be On The Enterprise"-15KB
"The Enterprise! It's Gone!"-21KB
"Try To Cross Brains With Spock-He'll Cut You To Pieces Every Time"-47KB
Sulu Counting Down - 10 To 1 (ZIP File)-116KB

"No Malfunction Sir. The Reading Persists"-42KB

"A Computer Doesn't Lie."-66KB
"I'd Love To Tear This Baby Apart"-25KB
"Where Is Captain Kirk!?!"-19KB
"How Something Like That Can Sense Us Coming, Block Us, Move When We Move, It Beats Me"-50KB
"You Have An Annoying Fascination For Time Pieces, Mr. Sulu"-63KB
"Engines Need Work Badly Captain"-25KB

Charlie 'X' Evans-"You Wait, You'll See, You'll Be Sorry You Did That!"-21KB
Spock-Answering Machine Message-172KB
M5-"This Unit Must Die"-64KB
Nomad-"I Am Perpetual Now, I Am Nomad"-38KB
A Tribble-6KB
Star Trek Original Series Theme-11KB(Midi File)
Star Trek Original Series Theme-410KB(Wav-Zipped)
Charlie 'X'-"Growing Up Isn't So Much! I'm Not A Man & I Can Do Anything! You Can't." -69KB
Charlie 'X'-"If You Try To Hurt Me Again, I'll Make A Lot Of People Go Away"-48KB
Charlie 'X' With Kirk-"Is That A Girl? - That's A Girl"-33KB
McCoy With Kirk-"Why Didn't She Kill You? (Pause) She's Not Through Yet"-54KB
Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan Theme-22KB(Midi File)
Khan (From Space Seed)-"I Caution You, Such Men Dare Take What They Want"-49KB
Khan (From Space Seed)-"GO! Or Stay, But Do It Because It Is What You Wish To Do!"-67KB
Khan (From Space Seed)-"I Know Something Of Those Years. Remember, It Was A Time Of Great Dreams..."-105KB
Khan (From Space Seed)-"Where Is Your Captain? I have Many Questions"-37KB
Khan (From Space Seed)-"My Name Is Khan. Please Sit And Entertain Me"-36KB
Khan With Kirk(From Space Seed)-"Khan Is My Name. - Khan? Nothing Else? - Khan"-70KB
Khan (From Space Seed)-"It Has Been Said That Social Occassions Are Only Warfare Concealed" -56KB
Khan (From Space Seed)-"You Are An Excellent Tactition Captain. You Let Your Second In Command Attack..."-99KB
Khan With Kirk(From Space Seed)-"We Offered The World Order!! -- We?"-90KB
Balok-"This Is Balok, Commander Of The Flagship Fesarius Of The First Federation"-64KB
Balok-"If There Is The Slightest Hostile Move, Your Vessel Will Be Destroyed Immediately!"-73KB
Balok-"I'm Balok. Welcome Aboard"-28KB
Balok Pleasantly Laughing-30KB

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