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(From ST Motion Picture)-"Intruder Alert"-35KB
"The Fusion Power Plant Is Operating Within Normal Parameters."-42KB
"Access Denied"-23KB
"Computer Standing By"-43KB
"Danger! Approaching Safety Limits Of Engine Containment Field!"-39KB
"Processing, Stand By"-17KB
"At Current Acceleration Structural Failure Will Occur In 3 Minutes, 30 Seconds"-61KB
"Unable To Determine A Cause Due To Insufficient Data On Cardassian Physiology"-47KB
"Subject relaying accurate account. No physiological changes"-86KB
"Subject recently received severe blow on skull. Damage healing. Some peripheral abnormalities"-152KB
"Comparison analysis complete"-40KB
"Service rank: Lieutenant Commander. Position: Ship's Surgeon. Current Assignment: USS Enterprise..."-281KB
"Computed and Recorded. Dear"-45KB
"Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott. Serial no.: SE19754T"-116KB
"Spock. Serial No.: S179-276SP. Service Rank: Lieutenant Commander. Position: First Officer..."-484KB
"Data insufficient"-31KB
"Data being received"-37KB
"Inaccurate. Inaccurate. Data in error"-55KB
"There is sufficient precedent for existence of creature.Nature unknown, which could exist on emotion of fear"-173KB
"To meet with specified requirements entity would exist without form in conventional sense..."-267KB
"All data coming on screen"-44KB
"Recording: Inquiry. Matter: Captain Kirk James T..."-158KB
"Kesla. Name given to unidentified mass-murderer of women on planet Deneb II. Beratis... on planet Rigel IV..."-389KB
"Library computer"-30KB
"Affirmative" from 'Mirror Mirror'-21KB
"Ready" from 'Mirror Mirror'-17KB
"Recorded" from 'Mirror Mirror'-23KB
"Offence Record, Smuggling. Sentence, Suspended. Transport of Stolen Goods..."-295KB
"No Data"-26KB
"Recommendations for his disposition. Dear"-65KB
"Redjac... Nickname for mass-murderer of women. Other Earth pseudonym Jack the Ripper"-261KB
"Standing By"-28KB
"Red Alert. Red Alert. Red Alert"-66KB
"Unable To Comply"-28KB

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